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Quality policy

Maslinica d.o.o. is a hotel company that has been operating in the territory of the Republic of Croatia for over twenty years. From the very beginning of its operations, Maslinica has completely been integrated into the local community which it has kept benefitting. Intending to reach our set goals, we invest great enthusiasm and all necessary financial resources. Through our investments, we develop a quality management system as a foundation for quality improvement and image enhancement. We develop a recognisable brand based on traditional local hospitability, expertise of all our employees and internationally accepted practices and standards in tourism activity. The high-quality system is the backbone of successful business operations and future development of the Company, the foundation for achievement of satisfaction of all our guests, employees, business partners and social community. We follow the experience of similar entities in our environment and pay special attention to the permanent improvement and education of our employees who are the backbone of our Company.

We want to offer our guests superior service and unforgettable experience of staying at our facilities. We aim to continuously improve through constant investments into infrastructure and services through the use of modern means of communication and promotion, staff with expert knowledge and detail-oriented experience, compliance with hygiene and safety rules and quick and polite service for complete satisfaction of our guests.

We regularly set ambitious, measurable and attainable quality goals in order to contribute to constant improvement of guest satisfaction and process efficiency.

The quality of our services is our permanent commitment. We therefore maintain our quality management system so that it secures unconditional harmonization with applicable legal regulations and guest requirements. With this objective, we are constantly working on education of our employees at all levels and improving quality awareness.

We are upgrading all aspects of our business by setting high standards. We are fostering a motivating work environment based on trust, teamwork, with clearly defined responsibilities. We ensure open communication with employees and guests. Employee personal development, constant improvement and development of the individuals, the internal processes and the personnel are the foundations upon which we build our future. Only motivated and content employees with expertise, experience and a responsible work attitude can offer their best and give the best results.

Compliance with and implementation of all legal and other requirements related to overall business operations, as well as regulatory compliance and compliance with ethical principles in conformity with all requirements of interested parties are among foundations of our business.

Our business success depends on our guests’ satisfaction and thereby it is our primary task to comply with our guests’ requirements and needs and exceed their expectations. Only a happy guest will let us keep our visibility and Company image and make us continuously improve.

May 2022

Board of Directors

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