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Taste of the Mediterranean

Fresh ingredients and the smell of the Mediterranean are the hallmarks of the food served in the restaurants of the Maslinica resort. Guests staying in Maslinica will certainly enjoy the variety of dishes in the restaurant and pizzeria, where there is something for everyone's taste and every need. But Maslinica offers something really special, which are the large terraces of restaurants and pizzerias located next to the beach itself. You will long remember watching the waves while having dinner with your loved ones by the sea.


Restaurants and bars

Pizza & Grill Oliva

Located in the shade right next to the beach, Pizza & Grill Oliva is an ideal shelter from the summer heat, while providing a combination of refreshment and delicious snacks.

Restaurant Ancora

Restaurant Ancora offers guests an combination of attractive, romantic ambience of the terrace with a unique view of the harbour and the center of Rabac accompanied by superb gastronomic experience.

Hedera Club Bar

Looking to have a cup of coffee after swimming? Hedera Club awaits. During the day Hedera offers cakes, hot and cold beverages, and is a great place to relax and take a few minutes for yourself.

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