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Experience Rabac, Istria & Kvarner bay!

Once you stay at Maslinica Hotels & Resort you'll be able to enjoy and relax in everything that our Resort offers you. But if you want to take one some adventure, discover the amazing Rabac destination, see what Istrian peninsual has to offer and maybe dive into the Kvarner bay full of different activites and sightseeing options. The posibilities are endless!

Adventures on the Istrian ground

Biking in Rabac & Istria

Explore the charm of Rabac, nestled along the East coast of Istria, renowned for its abundant biking opportunities. With its inviting Mediterranean climate, Rabac beckons cyclists year-round. Discover a plethora of trails, ranging from 30 to 60 kilometers in length, thoughtfully positioned amidst the region's most breathtaking landscapes. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a leisure rider, there's a trail tailored to your fitness level and personal preferences.

At our Resort you can find Bike Center Rabac, the top destination for cyclists in Istria, Croatia. This center offers services and facilities for cyclists of all levels. From Bike Park Rabac with pump tracks and specialized trails to guided tours and bike transfer services, we have everything you need for an exceptional cycling experience. Join us and explore the perfect blend of sea and mountain biking adventures.

Old Town Labin sightseeing

Experience the allure of Labin's Old Town, a journey through centuries of history atop a picturesque hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Wander cobblestone streets, marvel at landmarks like Labin Fort and the Loggia, and explore artisan workshops. As the sun sets, enjoy panoramic views over terracotta rooftops and the shimmering sea, promising an unforgettable exploration of Croatia's cultural heart.

Quad Safari in Rabac? You bet!

Unleash your sense of adventure with a Quad Safari in Rabac, offering an exciting exploration of the area's breathtaking scenery. Join us for an off-road journey along macadam roads and through verdant forests, where every turn reveals stunning vistas of the bay and surrounding natural beauty. Whether you're seeking an adrenaline rush or simply craving a unique experience, our Quad Safari promises an unforgettable adventure in this charming coastal town. Buckle up and prepare for thrills as you navigate rugged terrain and discover the hidden gems of Rabac's landscape on four wheels. The quad safari is located by Bike Center Rabac.

Glavani Park Adventure

Have an unforgettable adventure at Glavani Park, Istria's premier adventure park! Get ready for a thrilling experience with a variety of exciting activities, including an eleven-meter-tall swing. The park caters to all ages, making it perfect for family fun. Explore the animal park, and unwind in the hammocks whenever you need a break. Spend a memorable day immersed in nature!

Dive into the Adriatic

Explore Rabac's vibrant diving scene with crystal-clear waters and ideal conditions. With depths up to 70 meters, the coastline offers diverse opportunities for all skill levels. Numerous diving centers in Rabac cater to beginners and advanced divers alike, offering certified instruction and a variety of courses. Gear up for an unforgettable underwater journey exploring cliff walls, marine life, and historic shipwrecks. Dive sites like Lanterna, Babino, and Girandella promise remarkable encounters during your Croatian holiday. P.S. The diving center is located at our Resort by Mimosa Lido Palace Hotel 4*.

Sea the adventures

Submarine Sea Patrol

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the depths in a submarine? Experience the thrill aboard the Sea Patrol submarine departing daily from the Rabac waterfront. This adventure is unlike anything you've seen before, with a submerged gallery featuring sculptures and pictures, including beloved cartoon characters that children will recognize. Embark on this exciting journey and dive into a whole new world beneath the waves!

Grass picnic? No. Fish picnic? Oh yes!

Indulge in the breathtaking beauty of Kvarner's coastline with a captivating sea excursion. Cruise along the picturesque landscape, adorned with charming villages and secluded coves, offering ample opportunities to bask in the sun and swim in the crystal-clear waters. Delight in a delicious fresh fish picnic served onboard, savoring the flavors of the Adriatic while surrounded by stunning views.

Gourmet experience

A memorable holiday is incomplete without delightful food and beverages. At our Resort, you can find a beach restaurant which thrives on the expertise of dedicated hotel staff, talented chefs, and a bounty of gastronomic delights showcasing the region's culinary heritage. Indulge in a feast of delicious seafood, including fish, lobsters, shrimps, and clams, freshly sourced from the Adriatic. Savor the rich flavors of traditional countryside cuisine, featuring homemade dough dishes complemented by a variety of savory meat sauces. Your culinary journey in our Resort promises to be a highlight of your holiday experience.

Wine not?

At our Resort in our bars and restaurants, you can try different wines from all the parts of Istria and Croatia. Sit back, relax and sip some good traditional wine! If you are in for it, you can also visit some local wine producers and have a private wine tasting! Forget about your clothes, fill that luggage with some good bottles of red and white liquid!

Taste, sip and feel Istria

Homemade ice cream aka. gelato!

Your stay at our Resort will certainly not be complete without you tasing our very own, homemade ice cream full of flavors. Simply visit our Gelateria located by the Brasserie Grill and feel the sweet flavors while refreshing from the hot Adriatic sun.